Thursday, December 2, 2010

The story of Al-Awais Karni (True Story)

In ancient times there was a story about a man of God who lived a full life of piety and asceticism of dunia.Dia only kept alive by the she-camel belonging to abangya in an area in Karni.Pada a day when Awais was sitting alone, he suddenly has received the news about the Prophet Muhammad who was facing a war uhud.Awais receive news about the Prophet had a broken tooth in the battle tersebut.Tetapi how he got the news, he did not tahu.Ini because at that time no one shall deliver the news to him. While at that time, there is postal service and telekom.Awais the sanctity of life with it to receive the news through a supernatural power.
Having obtained the news of the unseen world, Awais even pull a tooth to get a feel for yourself how the pain He suffered fracture teeth itu.Begitulah Awais magnitude of his love of Allah.
According to history, the Prophet Awais only met once, when the Prophet would go to war Uhud.Awais not only keep the camels but she also keeps her brother ibunya.Sebab that he had not met the Prophet once had to leave lagi.Walau however Awais Mother of the Faithful, a message to the wife of the Prophet that he would come find Rasulullah.Apabila He returned from the battlefield he was asked his wife whether he is dating to find the Prophet's wife was meyampaikan Awais orders, he said "Did you see it?" Ask Allah. "I only saw his back alone." "You will go to heaven because bergitu looked at."
When the Prophet was in the bed at the end of its life full of purity. He had explained to his wife for wearing the shirt that was given to Awais.Saiyidina Saiyidina Ali Umar and asked the public if any of them in situ from a Karni.Tiba suddenly came forward and expressed his willingness to bring two friends that the Karni area.
Not long after that they went to the Karni. Once they arrive in the area they were asking the people there where those homes are called by the name of the person asking them Rasulullah.Tatkala, the villagers thought it was surprised why the two great figures Messenger friends to find the camel herdsmen it is not known.When branda place to Awais, they found the man is humble prayers bersembahyang.Setelah Awais and he saw that his companions are memerhatikannnya, and he said he was "Truly this is the first time someone saw me praying"
Then the two friends was to introduce themselves when they greet kepadanya.Kemudian deliver orders to pray for Allah's forgiveness for the people of the Prophet Muhammad Awais SAWDengan feeling humbled that they were fulfilling the request.
Then the companions asked to Awais "If you love the Prophet why you do not pay a visit while he is still alive?".
However Awais companions did not answer any questions that he asked instead whether they were also joined him in the war Uhud.Dan if they are also fighting what they knew they knew the Prophet's teeth which one is broken in the battle.
Umar Al-Khattab Saiyidina bergitu interested in the young a very simple yet very pious pious itu.Lalu willing mendoakannya.Maka he asked Awais Awais said, "O Umar, every time I pray I keep praying for forgiveness and prosperity for all the people you muslimin.Sekiranya piety to Allah and obey the teachings of Allah's blessings and you will receive my prayer in the hereafter "
The two great men came to the Prophet was left with a feeling of satisfaction after successfully met the person referred to by the Prophet, Awais were strangers in the world but its side a large population of heaven

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