Thursday, December 2, 2010

6 Easy Ways Infant Stimulation

Young infants learn about the movement, communication, social and environment by way of playing. For two or three months of life, your baby will learn to you.
The first thing your baby will learn the touch, voice and facial expression do you do to him. You can even encourage the stimulation with a smile, a soft sound and touch. This stimulation is 'exercise' for the health of your baby is still small.
Activity changeDuring diaper changing or bathing time and you can chat with him. While dressing to use beautiful words to stimulate baby's mind as "lovely son Mom" and "mama its fragrance." While the play with her fingers. Fingers and hands may be kissed ditepuk so excited and happy mind.
Simple toysIn a few weeks your baby can be introduced to some simple toys that have sound and be in touch. Games such as rattles, soft games and dolls that have a soft melody.
ChatTalk with your baby. Language used by parents every day to form the minds of infants to form language. Parents should understand that they should pay attention to the baby's language development and help with chat.
Touch of loveWhen a baby is fun to watch her face, do something to attract their interest. Try singing, showing happy smiling baby and kiss the body. A smile and your voice when talking to him will make him feel comfortable and safe. This is because the sound and feel of your familiar sounds he can make her feel safe and comfortable
While breastfeeding, mothers do not just look at the face babies. Instead, express sweet words to stimulate the baby. Words such as "son of my mom cute" and "mama love child" can be used for that purpose.
BedtimeWhen babies cry or yawn, it signaled it was time to sleep. Babies older than 3 months less need of sleep is almost over less than 20 hours a day. Do not ignore this sleep time. Make it quality time. Create a comfortable environment for the baby room to sleep comfortably.

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