Thursday, December 2, 2010

Teaching: heartbreaking story - Mother's Love Life Up To End

Read the story below with the full appreciation and make it as a guide and learn dlm our daily lives ...If you want to guess, I la mak the most expensive properties, the most valuable. De Not to be confused with the value. I'm pretty close with my mom. He was the one who knows and knows will take her children. Quite understand. My father is he a bit harsh times we Kecik-Kecik first. Prnah we have to 'pelangkung' with him because of slow bath in the morning I go for school. Since the day I tu dah 'about' a bit with the harness. Any problems I complained to the max. Laa mom told me happy and sad place, please do Keja mintak schools, mintak spending money. Kena bully with a friend, it complained to the max. With a harness, do not want mintak said, did not dare want to chat.

Harness the morning send kitorang go past the school she went the farm, lunch or afternoon just returned. Abah will rest on the bench sometimes sleep under the rambutan tree house edge. Macam tu la direction these days, we rarely hear him, but if he is to be at bukak mouth. Time was sometimes I think why I have harness la, je kan if there is a good mom. But it may be so because jugak father alive, we used sense. Abah settlers only, working poor, but not as income. To accommodate the family expenses and the expenses of our school, mom at Nasik and fat cake flour wrap.
Posted at 5 am mom packs up the rice. Early morning send kitorang go past the school, park harness Nasik stop fat with flour wrap kat food court side of the school. Last time was a pack of fat Nasik father sold 30 cents, 15 cents cake flour wrap. Sometimes I bawak tu jugak selling 2.3 packs Nasik fat kat classmates to spend more money tu day. I can duk with mom until level 3, I entered the hostel pastu Vocational Temerloh. But every week back home, like eating food for mom. I was eager to eat a hard throat Nasik crater, fishing jacket with mustard timber jer kat hostel. Friday afternoon on home to home, continue to search for Nasik.
Mak, every Friday he already knew, he would be fried fish pelaling (temenung fish), vegetables togeh, salad with peanut togeh bottle, a big pepper sambal belacan. Tu je my favorite, is set tu. Dizzy has not remember eating. Sometimes tu mak liquid cook chicken curry. If due to that, one day re-feeding 3.4 times Nasik.
Sitting dorm 2 years ago while working on my SPM Tekam Resort. Je resort real name. I work in the fields jugak, the work of the census. Salary RM400 tu time. Tu la first hard-earned income of my own. Day of fun Posted ambik pay no play. Sorts already plan to buy goods. The best thing I wait to the tu, motorized fishing (non-user). To jer money, went shopping weekend. I remember, the price of RM75 for a set angle tu.
Back home, more money for the evening tu kat mom, because I want to promise them money at first I kat mak. Pay back money that I mintak motor oil kat him every day to go to work. Mak dripping tears when he held my money for the tu. I remember the time tu mom said "this is not the motto of the oil money, this money work its mak, mak alhamdullillah can already feel the money the children."
I no longer work, I went to the letter of offer from UiTM (time tu is ITM) Shah Alam, electric field for the first call. Time was, I just returned the work, ready to shower, eat pastu. Ma tu cook delicious lunch. Central feeding, mom said "haa .... happy-happy food, will slow pulak to eat like this again. " Aik ... I wonder why pulak. Mak said there was a letter kat front closet. And-and I'm going tu ambik read. I jumped then. I show kat mak. He said he had already read. Watery eyes tu mak time, he said ... "the last 2 people at its max. Stay two more that, do not know how. "
I'm spending time in ITM that, I'm the eldest brother of the bear. He was then in Japan for study and work part time to be a DJ. The time I was in form 4, mother's sister giving birth. Birth of a happy moment for our family. Because before this we are four siblings are all males. It is the happiest father. Dah old daughter he is going. Ni jugak younger sister had made the changes in direction. No kind of father at first. Occasionally I'm back, I saw the father take care of younger, more than mom. Thanks be to God, please brother do not feel like what we did before.
However, a year after the brother was born, mom got sick. But no de la so badly, but so far going clinics jer. Over the past month, did not get sick mak-cured. Abah bawak mother went to hospital specialists Mentakab kat hospital. These people ambik blood sample. Last week, these people call the hospital to go back, i can get my results.
Ya Allah, the test was against us all. Mak confirmed to be breast cancer. The doctor said, to secure, mom must operate at least within a month. Starting from the day that, our family is not happy sitting, especially father. Around him are looking for a place to seek treatment, because if we do not want to be in the mak operate.
Mak every day crying, not because of illness, but because he was worried about a sister who still Kecik. What is the fate of her sister when dah takde later. I just can not stand when every time mom living message. "Mie ... want to mix milk 2 tablespoons milk brother put jer. Noodles .... batik mom have 3 new pieces in the closet, people will come, bukak ambik. " The tears can not stand it.
As of the time, mom had to operate jugak. Doctors said the germ of cancer is already spread to the lungs. Then I leave time ambik week, I'm tough first lesson. I'm back home, must take care brother. Operate ago, mom at first so weak. Poor so I saw the doctor want to do chemo, but can not because mom is too weak body.
2 weeks ago mak kat hospital. He's getting better. Abah bawak back. Kat Umah Mak healthy, but not completely, eating is prevented. Mak can walk, can do normal home range. But before long, I took it in a month, mom fainted suddenly. Abah bawak go Jengka hospital. Starting today though ... the mom more days, more severe. Mak was arrested a week in hospital.
Then, the doctor for back, a little good at the mom, but mom can not walk at time tu. Taxable use wheelchairs. Posted 2 days time to sit at home mom, mom bawak pastu harness terpakasa go hospital again, because the mother already too weak, can not bukak eyes, it's can not talk, mom did not eat since returned home. Login jer food, mom will continue to vomit.
Doctors said the disease, at worst mom. Posted germs spread to the lungs and liver. Because tu mom can not eat. While in hospital, mom lived with only water and medicine. Sayunya heart I look at sunken face mom, gasping breath. But the mother can still talk tu. One that I am very impressed with the mother, despite her suffering. He never mentioned that he was sick he was. We talked normal range. JAP any kind, can do funny and laugh-laugh again. Right now I know that he is extremely painful to bear. Doctors have explained to our brothers and sisters, how do I keep the pain of cancer. Doctors say this disease is hot, hotter than the temperature when we are a fever, then all the joints of the body is sick, hungry stomach but can not eat. Eyesight would blur. In causing lung damage at max, when he breathes he will feel pain. Wrath I see mom. But she did not show her pain in children. Only when he saw younger, she would cry. I got the same will go crying when you see mom hugs and sister. Every day, the mom is getting worse. I ambik decision to leave one semester. My brother who was back in Japan.
Mak dah heart began to swell. He was kind of bloated stomach pumps. Shiny and visible veins. Eyes do not light at max, when he saw one thing, he will look like there is no middle range of ants crawling. And the tu, too, thought mom at a not very normal. He's already people who do not know to go visit him, but he only children. There was a time, I was massage his hands, he rub my head like some things on my head, I asked why. Mak said there full of dust on my head, so he is going to throw a broom. Time tu jugak merambu out my tears. Although he suffered pain, he was the spirit of charity care and cleanliness of her children. At nearly 3 months in the hospital Jengka mom, and for our family tu la married there. All our nurse and doctor know.
During tu is our brothers and sisters look after mom, massage her, to take medication, bathed him, change clothes and everything. Although we are men, nurse kat situ dah not complaining. At first they did not for men in women's ward last time visiting. But we see a doctor and chief nurse, the truth, because we JAP mintak sisters (except younger). Furthermore, the mother needs 24-hour wait, because if the mother must have the serial seizures and this is her only chance we have want to mak retribution, while life lasts.
Finally, we bawak mother back home. Because mom said she did not want to die in the hospital, he is going to die at home, to watch the children she and her husband. We mintak with doctors, and doctors are allowed. The doctor said, was mak dah takde expectations. When mom to the house, a keajaban occur. Mak mintak eat, then the memory of her normal. Only her eyes are still gray jer. He ate, we all liked her food. What he calls, we are looking for. We ambik all new clothes for mom, We put on him. Mak chat with everyone, mintak sorry to all. Ma was forced to lay escort, because he is growing belly.
A week at home mom. Mak dying. Hari tu am Saturday. Mak-lock breath stuck. Mak dah time tu dak can talk, he sounds out very slowly. We have to put her mouth kat new ear can hear. Tu afternoon, we already do not have the heart to see another mother in a tu. Punishment is, like a fish thrown to the ground.
We have family discussions. Ask the opinion of the parents, and saw the signs, maybe today the conclusion reached after a long suffering mother. We've tortured mother could no longer see. Our brothers and sisters and father went to the max. We mintak forgiveness, mintak apology from the toe end of the lock up, eat halal mintak us, mintak clean water that we drink milk.
"Mak ... emie mintak forgiveness, forgiveness of all sins mintak emie the mother, from the end of the hair to toe. Emie mintak emie halal food and drink for this, emie mintak emie clean water to drink the milk. "There is much I wish to mention the mother, but not out of the mouth. Ya Allah kenapalah be like this. We kucup mother's forehead, we kiss the feet max. Mother of tears flowing. Our sister park side of mom. For mom kiss sister. Sayunya I see. Tears flow at a time when mom look younger. Poor sister, she at last ni could not find mom. Could not find another mother love. Mak whispered something in the harness. Tears flow direction. Nilah life I saw father cry. Abah kucup mother's forehead. Then, we had very terlentangkan max. I had to, we had to. We love you mom. Do not want mom tormented again. Before long, mom shortness of breath, harness mak taught to say. Allahhuakbar, I see myself, how Wrath to death ... how bad sakaratul death. This is called 'drunken death. Very horrible and painful ... Look at it already can not stand. Let alone the taste.
Finally ....
"Innalillahiwainna ilaihiroo-ji'un ... .. "
Beloved mother gone forever ... ... ...
REMEMBER! Biological mother ONLY ONE IN THIS WORLD ONLY. DAH IF NO, there is no replacement. PARADISE UNDER THE HEAD feet. TO THOSE WHO STILL HAVE CHANCE, Take this opportunity, kiss KEEP YOUR HEAD, MINTAK forgiveness THERETO. HE good news.

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